Popcorn Perfection in Every Bite

Orville is passionate about popcorn — right down to every kernel. Whether it's our many microwave varieties or traditional kernel corn, we've been proud to share the wholesome goodness with you and your family for more than 40 years!

Image of a bowl of Orville Redenbacher's popcorn

Buttery Classics

These dependable classics become even more perfect with the addition of the Pop Up Bowl.

Popping Instructions

Select White

Orville Pop Up Bowl Select White Popcorn

Made with delicate white corn and real butter, for a premium taste and texture.


Buttery Classics Pop Up Bowl Popcorn - Orville Canada

You can't go wrong with this classic full of rich buttery taste.

Extra Buttery

Extra Buttery Popcorn  Orville Pop Up Bowl

Looking for a little extra? Sit back and indulge in the rich, buttery flavour.


Light Butter, Low Fat Popcorn  Orville Pop Up Bowl

Deceivingly delicious and buttery with 50% less fat than our Buttery flavour popping corn.

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