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Throw some "wow" into your next gathering with these new popcorn party recipes that are perfect for a crowd. Kung Pau Crunch, Nacho Popcorn, and Buffalo Hot Popcorn Snacks are just a few of our unique and easy party recipes to try.

  • Kung Pao Crunch Bars

    This unique treat was a Redenbacher family favourite—it combines peanuts and chow mein noodles for crunchy popcorn bars with a spicy-sweet flavor.

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  • Nacho Popcorn

    Movie-time popcorn gets spiced up with nacho cheese and taco seasonings for a fun treat fit for Mexican-food aficionados.

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  • Buffalo-Style Hot Popcorn Snacks

    Hot sauce, celery seed, and Fleischmann's® mix it up with popped corn, corn chips, and dry roasted peanuts for a spicy snack treat.

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  • Take-Along Treat

    Combine popped corn, peanuts, and dried fruit, and drizzle them with honey and lemon juice for a great snack to take anywhere.

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  • Popcorn Snack Mix

    A savoury twist on the traditional snack mix that combines three All-American treats: Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, and seasoned salt. It's a snack as American as baseball!

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